I'm Christine. 18. From some place you've never heard of and will never want to visit but currently living in DC.

Hi. Hello there. As you may or may not know today is August 3, 2013. And it would be my dream if all of you knew what that meant (some of you might already). Today is Esther Day. Today Esther Earl would have been 19 years old. And she wanted all of us to honor her birthday by celebrating the love between family and friends. It’s not like Valentine’s Day; it’s a different kind of love. The kind that’s not dramatized in movies and songs and cheesy romance novels. But this kind of love is much more common and also much more important. And, sadly, it’s often forgotten. Nowadays the L-word loses its meaning because we throw it around in text messages or say it off-handedly as we’re hurrying off to do something else. This makes it hard to appreciate, or even bother to say at all. But, I think Esther wanted us to recognize and appreciate this kind of love. Now, I never had the pleasure of knowing about her when she was alive, but I’ve watched some of her videos and read some of her posts and they made me realize that she was just a 16-year-old girl. She liked a lot of the same things as I do now. But, she also had a different perspective on life than most of us do and this is what made her special. Even if you’re not a nerdfighter, everyone should participate in Esther Day. All you have to do is tell somebody you love them when it may be hard to say it. That’s easier said than done, but, in Esther’s memory, I know you can all do it. Also check out the charity that was started in her memory, called This Star Won’t Go Out, named after Esther which means “star”. Okay, now I’m done rambling. I hope somebody reads this whole thing..

I love you.

Rest In Awesome, Esther.

DFTBA, everyone else.  




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